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How to make a difference in the world

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed at the state of the world, yet hopeless and unsure how to actually get engaged? The temptation to put your head down and stay in a bubble is great (if you are lucky enough to have that option). Here is what I have learnt helps.

There is no one who can tell you what you can do to make a difference in the world.

Sit with that discomfort of not knowing.

Sit with it and feel it until it grows into possibilities.

That big blank that stops you from taking action- embrace it and be restless with it.

Don’t fall asleep in it.

Know that you need to find an answer- the world needs you to.

You are uniquely placed with your experience to make a difference.

Find out how and where.

Educate yourself. You can not afford not knowing.

Know your history.

If you are bored- be bored. If you are guilty, be guilty.

But don’t stay there. Move on. Don’t indulge it.

Go to the main event.

As you choose, as you step in, you nominate yourself to be a carer, a protector, a fighter, a lover, an activist.

Don’t try to do it all but get engaged with at least a couple of causes. Find where you are pulled. The world needs you desperately.

Once you choose, when you step up, you feel an aliveness that you never felt before.

Noone has the authority to do that but you.

You need to nominate yourself.

Feel the uncomfortable feelings in your heart.

The world needs us to bear witness and feel.

That in and of itself is a crucial and radical act.

So many of us shut our hearts, eyes and ears and function in our orbit because we cannot bear it and we feel powerless.

You are not powerless.

Everybody knows someone. Speak to them about what matters.

Have uncomfortable conversations about racism, sexism, environmental destruction, homophobia, mental health, classism. Learn what these issues are.

Meet people different from yourself.

Find allies.

Stay open and vulnerable.

Be compassionate.

Love yourself, with your glorious human imperfections.

Don’t be an asshole, be kind in your actions towards yourself and others.

You are good enough.

Say no to the voice in you that wants to distract you with telling you how insufficient you are, how shitty, how less than, how inferior.

Ignore it.

Make a mess, and clean it up.

Expect failure and awkward moments and try again.

Keep your heart open.

Let yourself rest. It’s not on you alone. We are in this together.

Do you know that you are allowed to have fun? Can you allow that?

I am with you.

Life is not about your job, your house, your family.

Life is about connection, joy, laughter. Quiet moments, shared journeys.

All it takes is for you to nominate yourself. Step in.

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