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We can't see what we cannot see. Supervision gives you the opportunity to reflect, learn and grow. Whether you are a psychotherapist, a facilitator, a manager, a coach- we all benefit from an outside perspective. 


Focused, goal oriented, short term.

 Getting you to where you want to be. 

A dedicated space to explore how dynamics around gender, race and ethnicity, class, neurodiversity, age, ability and more intersect and how to bring awareness to these so that we may use them constructively.


Bespoke facilitation- if you are a group looking for a space to hold meaningful conversations that don't shy away from difficult issues. Online or on site. 

Get individual in-depth support.  

If you want to grow and explore, not just get rid of things- this is the right place. 

Crises of meaning, loss, trauma. Questions and struggles relationship, gender and sexuality, depression, personal history, self esteem. 


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