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Welcome- I started Mothers Together in September 2015. The group is a simple yet meaningful space that allows us to be together and take part in each other's everyday ups and downs related to our life as mothers and as people in general. Most of all, the group teaches each of us every time that what we fear and do is normal. For instance, the moments when we lose it and shout at our child and recoil afterwards in horror and shame- it is so relieving to know that it has happened to others too. 

Since the group started, many women have come and gathered- some for a few sessions, some for many months, some for years. The group has witnessed tears, rage, joy celebrations. Heartache and fear and any ordinary moments in between. Friendships have formed. Now, 4 years in, the group continues to be needed and wanted. But my energy has moved elsewhere. I am in touch with several mothers about handing the group over so the space may continue. I a deeply grateful to the nay mothers and babies who I had the privilege to meet on this journey. I also have been and continue to offer facilitation training and supervision for those who would like to offer their own group. Contact me for more. 

With love and gratitude,


Please note: if you need individual or urgent support you can 

contact me for an individual session



Motherhood can be a lonely job and hearing from other mothers who go through similar problems can be hugely relieving. The group offers a held and relaxed space that helps us to remember how well we are doing, even when things seem tough and offers space to be real and enjoy the companionship of other mothers. It is a fabulous community.


Mothers Together is a friendly and open group for all mothers. The space is for you- whether you want to share something worth celebrating or need support because things are rough. Babies are very welcome and have space and toys to engage with. In order for you to really benefit from the group, we ask that you do not bring children older than 18 months into the space. This is to protect them and you.    

Minimum commitment is per term (you are welcome to come for a trial session and decide to commit after) - this supports an atmosphere of continuity and safety. The maximum number is 10 moms.

You will get to know other moms, friendships form, and you can recieve support from your peers. While the group is informal, there is a structure that allows for everyone to share where they are at and to get support when needed.


For questions please email me or contact me on 07981623981.                    

The group is open to all mothers- regardless of parenting style, age, sexual orientation or relationship status.


Please note: there is an age limit up to which you are welcome to bring your child(ren). Babies and toddlers are welcome until they are able to understand some of the content. The moment at which this happens varies so we ask you to judge that as you know your children best. 18 months is a definite cut off point. This limit is in place in order to protect the children and to ensure that you and other mothers feel free to express themselves, including sharing challenging experiences. If you are unsure and want to discuss this please get in touch


"I have gained so much awareness of my inner thoughts through this group and found a needed strength by gathering with other mothers, being open and sharing emotions. Mothers groups should be a part of everyone's lives. Its benefit is immeasurable. Thanks to Eva and Holly for supporting and facilitating this group." Rebecca

"My experience of Mothers Together has been primarily about connecting with both ourselves and other mums. Since attending the group I realised that I'm not alone whilst facing some parenting challenges, and sharing our experiences has been so healing. I've met some wonderful mamas and feel a part of something amazing! Thank you Eva for creating this space." Anna

"Thanks for your inspiration and commitment to Mothers Together; it surprised me how much the weaving of the weeks together made an impact to share with others that most of us go through similar stuff! Not feeling so isolated anymore and love your spark towards positive change!" Shanah 


What about fathers?

Fathers are hugely important and need and deserve support as well. This particular group is meant for mothers specifically- to allow for a particular cauldron of safety and focus on issues and matters that are of particular concern for moms in the early stages of parenting. 

What about same sex couples who are parents?

I welcome all women to the space- whether you are the biological mother or not. 

I also see great value in a parents group that doesn't discriminate based on gender; which is open to all genders. I hope that will be offered as well.  


About Eva

I am a mother of a seven year old and a facilitator and psychotherapist. My areas of expertise include conflict facilitation and parenting. When I first became a mother I grappled with inner conflicts; self criticism, struggles to be perfect as well as moments of deep contentment and ease; relationship conflicts and big questions around what kind of mother I wanted to be and how to stay in touch with the rest of myself and my other identities. And of course I am not 'done' with these issues- I think key is to befriend these struggles, and let go of the expectation that one day it will be all sorted out. I found parenting literature only somewhat helpful, but often too one-sided. And I relished conversations with friends, but ultimately what nurtured me in addition to those resources was a weekly space for me in a mothers group where I could just show up and share small triumphs or dilemmas and find the company of other mothers and space to be with all of it. Having found this so valuable I started a Mothers group in Nailsworth. 



My training is in 'Processwork'- this approach has the potential to make a big difference when dealing with the small and the big struggles that come up on the parenting journey. While parenting brings up many different kinds of challenges, they all tend to result in a loss of awareness. The many mundane struggles tend to suck us in and as a result we lose sight of the bigger picture. For example we might be sleep deprived and as a result under-resourced, exhausted and deeply frustrated. It is difficult to maintain awareness in situations like these- to stay connected to a part of us that isn’t just intent on fixing the problem but that can get curious and interested in what is happening and approaching it from a perspective that goes beyond just stopping the sleep disturbance. This is not to say that it is “bad” to want to fix a sleep disturbance. I am talking about a subtle but deeply relieving shift in approach where we can welcome the disturbance, as well as the need to do something about it. The very act of welcoming the whole gives more freedom to engage with the situation because it creates more inner space to explore different ways of grappling with what is going on.                     Life is incredibly precious and sacred. And this expresses itself in every moment. How we choose to be with these moments is what gives our life the meaning and joy we long for. In the group you will have space to show up and share, and if desired we can explore your everyday parenting dillemmas from that bigger perspective, seeing what 'good' we might uncover from within the challenge. Having a facilitator can make a big difference and helps you to notice parts of your experience that you tend to marginalise. It also gives you more access to noticing the positive, because often we get stuck criticising ourselves and fail to see where we are already doing well.

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