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 "Beyond the apple"- is a 6 session closed women's group exploring and reclaiming our sexuality. It was offered in 2018 and new dates for 2019 will be set soon. Email me to be notified of the new start date.
If you have ever wondered "is this it?" or felt despair, hopelessness, disconnect or shame around your sexuality, please accept this invitation.

Beyond the apple - 

Why the title and image? We feel that the apple and the story of the expulsion of Eve and Adam from the Garden of Eden represents the century old oppression of a patriarchal system that denies and devalues female sexuality and empowerment. Eve in the garden of Eden was seduced by the snake to taste the forbidden fruit. 
The apple has a long tradition and is full of different symbolic meaning. It represents sin and the fall of man in a Christian worldview. But is also known to represent life, beauty and redemption. It is a symbol in several different cultures. 
We want to create a different story. One that celebrates our curiosity and exploration, that values pleasure and agency: the capacity to make a conscious choice. In this course we will do that; we will weave our own story, drawing on each woman's experience and wisdom; offering tools and holding the space for each woman to find her own way to connect to her sexuality, a beautiful creative force, and to express it how she sees fit. On the path we will make space to discover ways to let go of and transform inner and outer obstacles that make this hard. We will also be discovering jewels in our inner resources, the companionship and our collective wisdom that give us insight and inspiration.
If you are interested in joining the group please contact eva at 07981 623 981 or eva@evakaria.comWe will have a chat with you on Skype or phone so you can ask questions and get a feel for the group. We want to make sure that we create a space that allows for safe exploration, and getting to know what interests you in the group, knowing a bit about your background, finding out if there is anything we should be aware of and what you are hoping to gain will help us do that. 
The group needs to be attended as a whole. It is a series of 6 sessions. This is a confidential space. The group will consist of between 4-8 women. All bodies, backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages and relationship styles are welcome. 
For more information please get in touch. 
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