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Sex Conversations

Thursday Dec 12th. 

No need to book, just show up. Make sure you arrive between 6:45-7 pm as we close the doors after we start.

Atelier Stroud. Email or text me for directions and info.

£8- please bring exact change if possible.

You are warmly invited to come gather for an evening of talking about sex. The space will be held safely yet bravely and there is no pressure for you to reveal your deepest darkest, but instead an open invitation to listen, share and connect around this topic that all of us think about.

                                                It could be many things, but it won't be boring! 


As a society we have an incredibly strange relationship to sex. On the one hand it feels like we are supposed to be sexually enlightened and should be “doing it” frequently (but not too frequently) with ease and skill. On the other hand sex continues to be shameful and awkward. While it is supremely simple to find the most graphic porn online, actual information about sex that is well-rounded, clear and goes beyond the one-dimensional seems nearly as elusive as a final decision on Brexit. 


My hope in hosting Sex Conversations is to throw the doors open on this topic that is juicy and exciting and scary and important. Let’s talk about it! Most of us have been born out of a sexual act. All of us think about it. Many of us do it. Let’s swap notes, compare stories, and connect together in our humanity and enjoy what there is to discover.

While there is a lot of fun and joy connected to this topic, there is of course also a lot of trauma, pain, anxiety and hesitation. The session is facilitated and you are invited to honour your own needs and degree of openness or closedness. There is no expectation that you will share- it is also ok to come and just listen. 


Whatever your level of experience and your relationship to sex; whether you are having any sex at the moment or whether it’s been never or ages- come along and bring yourself in to the extent that you want to. Listen to others and share your story. People of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship styles, bodies, ages (above 16), ethnicities and faiths are warmly invited. 

We are launching a revolution- I’m partnering up with the organisers of Sex Club. Just like Death Cafe, we want to spread a culture where we break the taboo and talk about sex. We believe the world will be a lot safer and more fun that way. Sex Conversations are also taking place in London- check out Sex Club for more info.

After a short introduction there will be space in the first half of the evening to be in a smaller group of your own gender if desired. 

After a short break we will all gather together and have space to share and connect as a whole group. 

The session runs once a month on a Thursday evening.


Dec 12.   Every body welcome.

You can attend any of these as a one-off or join us for the series. 

6:45 arrival for session start at 7. Finish at 9:30pm 


6:45 Doors open. Please arrive promptly. 

7 - 7:15pm Welcome

7:15- 8:15  Meeting in sub groups 

8:15 - 8:30 Break

8:30  -9:30 All Sexes together

9:30 finish  

About the facilitator:
Hello, my name is Eva and I am a facilitator and psychotherapist. I am dedicated to supporting people on their way to find a joyful, safe and embodied expression of their sexuality. I have had my own journey of learning to feel comfortable in my own skin and with my sexuality. Through that I experienced first hand how life overall gets much better when this area is not hidden in the shadows. I am supported in this by my partner Sanjay Karia, an experienced counsellor and all together brilliant human being.