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Bespoke conflict facilitation and training



Power, Privilege and how it affects us

We all enjoy different kinds of privileges. One characteristic of having privilege is not having to worry, of being free to forget about it. However others identify us with our privilege. While I may want to downplay my privilege or I may not be aware of it, other people will relate to it. This creates lots of confusing communication and is responsible for a lot of conflict, on small and big scales. We tend to identify more with where we lack privilege, and see others as having more.  
I offer training for groups; executive teams and organisations to explore rank and power dynamics and find constructive ways to relate. Having privilege is not bad, it is being unconscious that creates trouble. Through raising awareness in a non blaming way, you have the opportunity to use your privilege in a way that supports you and those around you. 
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Can't see the forest for the trees?


Life can get extremely messy, and when stakes are high and emotions are heated or frozen, having someone facilitate can bring much needed support; insight and perspective. Whether you are a community in conflict; a group wanting support to explore a topic in depth; a business looking to get beyond the status quo or a family at war, contact me to find out how I can help. We'll discuss your needs and wants and from there develop a plan to get you (re-)connected to what really matters and will together find a way to see the creativity in the disturbance. 

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