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We've come to talk to you! I firmly stated.

“Exactly,” Igorek shook his head and hit the back of his head on the floor

“Speak, just stay where you are, otherwise I’ll have to upset you again.” - The smile did not leave Alekseev's lips, and what did he see?

- I'm a private detective. Tatyana Ivanova.

- I know.

“I was hired to investigate a double theft of money from a casino. I managed to find out that you are behind both. With the help of security guard Baibakov, you entered the gambling hall at night and installed a remote-controlled brake on the roulette table, then your accomplices took a decent win. You, having previously rented an apartment above the accounting department and dismantled the floor, went down into it through the ceiling. The duplicate key to the safe helped you make the same Baibakov that you removed. Correctly?


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